Israeli raids in Syria kill 57

Air raid in Deir Ezzor. Credit: DR

The victims of the Israeli army raids which took place on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday in Deir Ezzor (in eastern Syria) have reached 57 dead, according to a new report from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. ‘Male (OSDH).

Raids targeting arms depots and military positions belonging to Syrian regime forces and the Lebanese Hezbollah movement left 14 Syrian soldiers and 43 militiamen close to Iran dead, according to OSDH.

An initial report from the Observatory had reported 23 deaths, including seven Syrians. OSDH noted, on January 6, Israeli raids on military sites west of the city of Addur, in the Al-Kiswah region, and other sites on the Damascus-Daraa road, where are based pro-Iranian and pro-Hezbollah militias, in addition to regime forces and pro-regime fighters. As a result of these attacks, three people were killed and more than 11 injured, in addition to the destruction of weapons depots south of the capital.

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