Israeli researchers find pieces of cloth that are 3000 years old

IDuring excavations, Israeli researchers have found scraps of cloth with a purple dye from the time of the biblical rulers David and Solomon. “The researchers were surprised to find remnants of woven fabric, a tassel, and fibers of wool dyed with royal purple,” said the Antiquities Authority and the universities of Tel Aviv and Bar Ilan. An investigation using the radiocarbon method showed that the remains of material from around 1000 BC Came from.

The textiles were found during the investigation of fabrics from the Timna Valley, an old copper production facility in southern Israel. These are the first finds of purple-colored fabric remains from the Iron Age in the entire Levante region. “Before the most recent discovery, we had only come across clamshell waste and pot shards with dye stains, which provided evidence of purple production in the Iron Age,” said the researchers.

According to the researchers, the special dye, which is made from certain Mediterranean sea snails, is mentioned several times in the Bible and often appears in connection with Judaism or Christianity.

The purple color was previously associated with kings, nobility and the priesthood and “often cost more than gold,” said curator Naama Sukenik. The dye was very popular because it doesn’t fade. “Now, for the first time, we have evidence of the dyed fabrics themselves, which have been preserved for around 3000 years.”

At that time more expensive than gold: the discovered fabric remnants with the dye purple

Image: AFP


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