ISS Astronauts to “Turkey Run” on Thanksgiving in the United States

Five of the seven astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) have gathered to announce, in a video posted to Youtube, that they will be doing a “turkey race” to celebrate Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Day) the United States.

The race – or ” turkey trot”- it’s… well, literally, a race. A faster walk where participants wear accessories and costumes based on the theme of the turkey, the animal that symbolizes the holiday and is the meal of virtually every American household during the occasion.

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Certainly, being in space, the astronauts of the ISS will not be able to do a traditional “turkey race” – microgravity makes this part difficult – but according to engineer Raja Chari (NASA), improvisation will be the key. success for the team. They will essentially be using the treadmills they already use for their mandatory two hours of daily physical activity.

“I have colorful bandanas for the crew to wear,” he says in the video above, as he jokes that the exercise would allow them to burn the calories from Thanksgiving dinner, which will contain ingredients like crab, sweet potatoes and a roasted fruit stuffing – plus, of course, turkey.

“For me, Thanksgiving has always been about spending more time with those I love the most,” astronaut Kayla Barron, also at NASA, said. She also commented that Russian cosmonauts from the ISS – Pyotr Dubrovnik and Anton Shkaplerov – will also be attending the dinner, although the tradition is predominantly American.

Additionally, Barron explained that food preparation will be easier on the ISS, as astronauts will only heat food sent to them from Earth.

Captain Mark Van der Hei underlined the partnership experienced regularly with his team-mates: “I will do my best to show how grateful I am to my friends. It’s wonderful to have these people here with me, and we haven’t even been together for that long, but damn… it’s been wonderful.

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