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You ask for it all day and you can’t even live without it. But did you know that if you do not handle it correctly, your expensive cell phone is not likely to last long. Many users are unaware of this, but the orientation of the device can have some impact on its durability. Find out why it’s best to place your screen face down on a flat surface and how to get the most out of it.

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Why should the phone screen be laid down?

If specialists recommend always placing the mobile phone face down, it is because there are several reasons for this. In addition to protecting the screen from potential scratches, here’s why you need to get into this habit.

Certainly, nowadays you have several options to protect the screen from drops, cracks and dirt. But, there are no accessories yet to preserve the camera. Also, installing the screen downwards helps prevent scratches from forming on the camera. If you hold your smartphone face up continuously, scratches may gradually form on the small glass surface of the camera. Over time, this may degrade the quality of your photos and videos.

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  • Battery conservation

Another unexpected impact: if you hold the screen up, when notifications come in, the device turns on, vibrates, and gives other signals. Consequently, there is inevitably a loss of load, since you will immediately be tempted to check these alerts which reach you. In order not to frequently recharge the battery during the day, it is better to place the device with the screen down. Small tip: some models mute an incoming call when the screen is laid down, which saves a little energy.

  • Moisture protection

The back of the laptop is sealed and further protected against moisture. Which suggests that if your smartphone is installed face down, in the event of an accidental liquid spill, the risk of damage will be much less. Keep in mind that the screen is a very vulnerable and very expensive element. In other words, by keeping it face down more often, you can save your mobile from a lot of damage.

N.B : However, this position can sometimes involve risks. The fact is that on the table or other flat surface there may be crumbs, dirt or other particles that can scratch the screen. Therefore, before even laying it, make sure that the area is perfectly clean, healthy and above all not rough.

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put phone in bag

Put phone in the bag – Source: spm

Where should you put your cell phone when you go outside?

When you are outside, it is not recommended to put your Smartphone in one of your pockets. Because you directly expose the sensitive parts of your body to electromagnetic waves, which can be dangerous for your health. So it is best to keep it in a bag or pouch. And if you have no other choice, then the best is to place it with the back facing outwards to minimize radiation exposure.

The back button, commonly located at the bottom of Android devices, has the same function as the one tucked to the left at the top of the app which acts as a home button. Tapping it will eventually take you to the main screen of your mobile app, and tapping the back button one more time will close the app.

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