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The media leaked information about how members of the “Star Factory” Timati and Irina Dubtsova spent time. It turned out that artists are not only connected by friendship.

Former producer of the MUZ-TV channel Olesya Sazykina told reporters that Timati became close to Irina Dubtsova during the tour of the “Star Factory”. The artists were not prevented even by the fact that they were already not free. The singer married Roman Chernitsyn, the lead singer of the Plazma group, and the rapper met with a certain Victoria.

Sazykina remembered that the future director of Dima Bilan, Vlad Pryanikov, who was in conflict with the members of the Star Factory, was sent on tour. He did not like the fact that the young singers had parties.

After one of the concerts, Pryanikov broke loose and said publicly: “I will tell the management how Timati and Dubtsova organized orgies in the hotel. I saw her leaving her room at night, and before that I heard loud screams and groans.”

Also, the rapper’s friend spoke out about his mother. Olesya knows that Simone is a very strict woman: she can tell her son anything, and he will do it. According to the producer, the singer’s mother does not like his chosen one Anastasia Reshetova. Sometimes Simone gives instructions to her daughter-in-law regarding the upbringing of her son.


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