It begins in mid-December.. “Health” reveals the details of the national polio vaccination campaign

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, stated that the national polio vaccination campaign is supposed to start in mid-December for children between the ages of one day and five years for Egyptians and other citizens living in Egypt.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population confirmed that the vaccination will be done orally, “Sabin monovalent 2”, and the campaign will continue for 4 days for all children and newborns, pointing out that the vaccination was carried out by mobile teams from apartments to apartments and by fixed teams in medical units and places. the public.

Vaccination is safe, effective and free

In the same context, Abdel Ghaffar stressed that the vaccination against polio is safe, effective and free, and the aim of the vaccination is to preserve Egypt, to be free of polio, and to increase immunity against the second type of polio virus, adding that the national campaign for vaccination against polio Children will be held in all governorates except for the governorates of Cairo and Giza, and for groups that are prohibited from vaccinating against polio, they are children with immunodeficiency, children with leukemia, and children who are treated with antibiotics.

It is not required that a time interval pass between vaccination of polio carriers and pneumonia and infection

Starting in mid-December.

The representative of the Ministry of Health explained that if the child’s temperature rises, vaccination should be postponed until recovery, pointing out that there is no requirement for a time interval between vaccination campaigns against polio and vaccination against pneumonia, hepatitis, meningitis, measles and rubella.

He urged all families to take their children to the nearest headquarters for the national polio vaccination campaign teams to maintain their health and prevent infection with the disease, stressing that vaccinations are safe and free, in addition to taking all preventive and precautionary measures to prevent coronavirus during the implementation of the campaign.

It is worth noting that the World Health Organization declared Egypt free of polio in 2006, and the last polio case reported in Egypt was in 2004.

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