It costs two billion dollars .. Jeff Bezos begins a new challenge to land on the moon

date of publication:
July 27, 2021 0:22 GMT

Update date: July 27, 2021 0:55 GMT

A week after the success of Amazon billionaire founder Jeff Bezos’ space trip to promote space tourism and to compete with other companies such as Virgin Galactic, which he owns

Source: Lulu’a Ahmed – Erm News

A week after the successful trip of Amazon billionaire founder Jeff Bezos to space in order to promote space tourism and to compete with other companies such as Virgin Galactic owned by British billionaire Richard Branson and SpaceX and its founder, Tesla owner Elon Musk, Bezos began a new challenge and dispute with the US space agency NASA to obtain His company contract for a human landing on the moon.

According to Fortune, a few months ago, NASA awarded a contract to build a spacecraft to land on the moon to SpaceX and its owner Elon Musk, and the contract value was $2.89 billion, so Jeff Bezos, the owner of Blue Origin, decided to make a last attempt, worth $2 billion. To obtain an agreement with NASA in order to land on the moon.

In an open letter to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, Bezos said his company is willing to forego $2 billion in payments to the agency this fiscal year and the next two years in exchange for a fixed-price contract for the moon landing.

And Bezos continued in his letter his company’s offer, which is to finance their exploration mission to the low Earth orbit, and Bezos also confirmed that his offer is a complete and continuous waiver of payments to return the program to its correct approach, in addition to that his offer will save the time allocated for government appropriations procedures to catch up with the program designated for human landing on the surface of the moon .

Although Bezos’ offer enhances support for the future development in the field of space in the United States of America, this offer is not charitable, as Bezos believes that NASA unfairly excluded his company from the moon landing contract, and this project is one of the important projects of Blue Origin, which presented Protesting the government to challenge NASA’s decision to award the contract only to SpaceX.

Bezos justifies his objection to NASA’s decision that choosing only one company for this mission may lead to an increase in costs, delays in deadlines, and major changes in design, in addition to breaking the spirit of competition in commercial space programs.

So far, NASA has not disclosed its position on Bezos’ offer and his last attempt to participate in the mission to land on the moon, but it is worth noting that this dispute is not the first between Bezos and the US government. In 2019, Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos filed an appeal against the Defense Ministry’s decision to give the JEDI contract, which is Microsoft’s $10 billion defense shared infrastructure.


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