“It doesn’t make it difficult for me that he doesn’t support me”

Jaime Mulet responds to Gabriel Boric for reactivating his candidacy:

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Jaime Mulet responds to Gabriel Boric for the reactivation of his candidacy: “It does not complicate me that he does not support me”

Deputy Jaime Mulet, of the Regionalist Green Social Federation (FRVS), which is one of the parties that makes up the pact I approve of Dignity, confirmed that finally, he will run for the Lower House despite having said that he would not seek reelection after it was confirmed that it will be formalized by passive bribery in the Minera Candelaria Case.

Therefore, the presidential standard-bearer of the pact, Gabriel Boric indicated his rejection of the announcement, “what he told us is that he was not going to be a candidate, I want to be very clear: Jaime Mulet does not have my support.”

Before this Jaime Mulet declared in Public road that I It does not complicate me that Gabriel does not support me, The day that, being a deputy or candidate for Atacama, I need the support of a caudillo from another region or from another place to be able to go out and be a candidate and have to reinforce myself with people from outside the Atacama region, that day I will not go to candidate”.

Also adding that “I stand by myself and by the votes that the people of Atacama give me, and if I need any support when I have been elected, it is from those people, for whom I am always grateful.”

It is worth mentioning that about a month ago, Mulet had announced that he would not campaign for re-election due to an early formalization, however, this Monday he announced the reactivation of the campaign.

As stated by the congressman in that instance I preferred “to decline that candidacy and dedicate myself with great force to defend my honor and support the candidates.”

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