“It is a lack of respect”

In statements granted at a press conference just after Granada-Barça, Ronald Koeman was asked about multiple questions not only about the meeting and the saving reaction of his own, but also about the recent words of an Ángel Di María that, like many other members of the PSG environment, returned to focus on the future of Leo Messi and on bringing him closer to the French capital.

“I think there are many possibilities to play with him”said the Argentine attacker when asked in the mixed zone about the option to play with Leo messi in Paris next season. Well, his words have not pleased Ronald Koeman at all, who has asked for respect for his footballer and, above all, for FC Barcelona instead of continuing to generate media noise.

“It seems disrespectful to me. Someone could be wrong in saying such a thing. Especially for not heating up the game of Champions League. It’s not fair, I don’t think it’s respectful towards Barça to talk like that about a player who is ours. They talk a lot about Leo, who plays for Barça. Also, we have a tie against them, “Koeman commented, not biting his tongue.

“I am very happy with the team character we have shown”

Next, he did not hesitate to throw flowers towards his team and show his pride, especially for the ability to react. “I am very happy with the team character we have shown. It showed in the atmosphere of the changing room after the game. It is a reflection that we are fine. We are in a way and on a path that everyone wants to be on, “said the Dutchman.

“We have created many opportunities. Another extra time, many games. We have Betis this Sunday. We have to recover and decide the game for Sunday. Matches like this, win them, give vitamin and do not tire “, he assured, highlighting the great contribution of the sides and especially Alba, who scored a double. “Jordi Alba has shown that he is a very key man in our game. He has given many assists. It has scored 2-2. He is a very vital player. I hope he returns to the national team, it is not in my hands. About Roberto, we have to wait. It is important in several positions for us. “

Barça gets stronger: Optimism and a winning mentality

Koeman repeated on several occasions that the game was “incredible”, having experienced emotions on the surface. “Soccer is incredible. I think we have done well. We had chances to fix it earlier. The team has been huge. In the last five minutes of the second half, we scored two goals. Then the extension has been incredible. I don’t know if the penalty was or not, but it was a great mentality job for the team. Incredible”.

In fact, what he wanted to highlight the most was the mentality of the team. “The first thing that stands out about the team is the mentality of this team. We keep trying.. We know we weren’t having luck. We had great occasions that they did not enter, that the goalkeeper or the wood took out. It looked like we were going to lose the game, “he said.

And he agreed that matches such as Granada can become a turning point for Barça, just when the most important part of the 2020-21 season is coming. “It can be. We have worked so hard to get a good result and go through the knockout stage, which can be a time when the team believes in itself and has character. “

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