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Jhon Jairo Botello Jaimes, dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Manizales, was appointed as a member of the advisory group of the Pan American and Iberian Federation of Critical Medicine and Intensive Care Societies, Fepimcti.

This is an organization made up of associations of critical medicine professionals located in 17 countries in America, Spain and Portugal. Fepimcti was established in Mexico City, DF, on September 12, 1980 with the purpose of broadening horizons and strengthening the presence of critical medicine in its geographical area of ​​influence.

This space aims to:

1. Analyze the current situation of the training of medical professionals of Intensive Medicine in the different member countries of the Federation.

2. Develop a training program in competencies based on the CoBatriCe, adapted to the peculiarities of the geographic environment of the Federation, that allows offering a framework of competencies that help reduce the variability of the training of medical professionals in Intensive Care Medicine in different countries, regardless of their national regulations.

3. Have educational tools that offer the highest quality in training for Intensive Medicine professionals, which should result in results for critically ill patients and their families.

4. Promote strategies that favor incorporation of this training model in different countries.

In addition, Botello Jaimes is a member of the board of directors of the Caldas Territorial Health Directorate, which among other functions is in charge of monitoring and controlling compliance with technical policies and standards, scientific and administrative issues issued by the Ministry of Health, as well as the activities carried out by the municipalities of its jurisdiction, to guarantee the achievement of the goals of the health sector and the General System of Social Security in Health, without prejudice to the inspection and surveillance attributed to the other competent authorities.

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