“It is difficult for me to set short-term goals because of the situation we live in”

– What memory do you have of 2020?

– The truth is that it was a year from best to worst. We had a very good 2019, where I had qualified for the European Games in Belarus in mixed doubles, we had a stay in Colombia in October, with good repercussions, we resumed the competition in November with a good rhythm … The good feelings continued In January and February I was with the French team at the European Team Championship, although we didn’t have a great result because we had injuries in the women’s team. I think it was March 12 when training was closed for us. I was doing physiotherapy practices at a health center and they told us that we better not go, so I decided to go to Cantabria with the family to spend the confinement.

“How did you wear it?”

“Well, surprisingly, better than expected.” I was in a little house in town with my sister, away from my parents, and we were able to be without a mask, in the garden. Also, since the weather was nice and the whole family was in good health, it wasn’t expensive. It had been ten years since he had been home that long. And I was able to be active, go for a walk, work with the mat … Once a week or every fortnight when shopping and that’s it, with very little social contact.

– Did you stay in contact with the club?

–We made a group video call weekly. He always liked to see faces, play a joke and be connected a bit, it was a strange situation for everyone.

“And was she able to stay active?”

“I was trying to do yoga and a little maintenance every day, I needed it.” We always scheduled an hour of exercise to get into the routine. I haven’t had an injury or pain or anything, so I think I did well. Later, being a high-level athlete, I had a role to go running. I was in pretty good shape that allowed me to hit the track at the end of June. He trained at the club for a few days, but I decided that I was not going to go, that I was already joining in August, with the normal season.

– How has the season started? Is the pandemic noticeable?

–It has affected us all, although differently because the restrictions have been different in each place. Normally you know how the level people are, but this time we were waiting because we did not know how we or the rivals were going to be.

– And, despite everything, the first results are very promising.

–Well, yes, maybe this uncertainty made us be more alert to train better, to be aware of not failing. In the League so far we have not lost, which means that a good job has been done at the group level.

–What are the objectives for 2020?

–In the short term, it is difficult for me to wear one due to the situation. I would like to continue to maintain the top positions in the league to play the semifinals, and for the Spanish Championship, which has moved to June, revalidate the title if possible. But I don’t want to get my hopes up, because health is as it is and it may have to close again. There are priorities and I am the first one who wants to compete, but if you can’t, you can’t.

– How do you train with a mask?

–I don’t take it badly, the same is because I’m used to taking it to the clinic, and my head already knows what it’s like to leave the house and put it on. My family has suffered a lot in the second wave, and they have all passed it: my grandparents, my uncles, my parents … four of them were admitted and my grandmother has been in the ICU for two months, so I know well what it means. it’s happening.

– How can the situation affect the club’s quarry?

–It is clear that it can affect because in extracurricular activities it is where it is easier to attract children. I want to think that this is going to be noticed in the short term but that in the long run it will come back again, that the parents will see that it is good for the child. It is not healthy for kids of those ages to stand for so long.


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