“It is not at all the antivax, just suspicious people” … In the northern districts, an ephemeral vaccination center is set up at the Health Insurance

A red tent is set up in front of the Saint-Louis health insurance agency, in the northern districts of Marseille. With other mediators, Karima Djelat officiates there for the association SEPT (Environmental health for all), which prepared in advance the operation of the day carried out with the city: a vaccination without appointment, in the premises of the CPAM. There was no question for Karima to stay behind the table, where leaflets and bottles of hydroalcoholic gel distributed free of charge were lined up. She goes into contact, finds people she has already met, such as this woman, met at McDonald’s, who tells her: “I have a heart attack, I didn’t do it, I’m afraid. “

“You can ask the doctor any questions you have,” the mediator replied, accompanying him inside the agency. Later, it was Habi, 32, who got off the bus when he saw the sign of this “exceptional operation”. “I am interested in getting vaccinated to go to work, I am ASH [agent des services hospitaliers], she confides. Journalist’s question: why not have done it before? “I’m scared, I’ve heard a lot about the vaccine, from girls saying they don’t have a period, but that’s not true, is it?” I have lots of girlfriends who got vaccinated, everything is fine. “

Michèle Rubirola herself vaccinated people for this special day at the CPAM Saint-Louis agency, in Marseille – C. Delabroy / 20 Minutes

“Half as many people vaccinated”

“It is not at all the antivax, they are people who are just suspicious, observes Yazid Attalah, the president of the association. In these districts, it is often a population very far removed from care, in general. There was a delay in the ignition which made the fake news gain more weight. You have to listen to people, understand the reluctance and fears related to vaccination. “For Gérard Bertuccelli, director of the Bouches-du-Rhône primary fund,” being in a health insurance room, well known to users, can be a facilitator “. “The rates show that there are sometimes half as many people vaccinated in the boroughs of the northern districts than in those of the southern districts,” he continues.

“In Marseille, we are behind in some neighborhoods, where we still have 40% vaccination coverage [contre environ 70 % en moyenne sur la ville] », Abounds Michèle Rubirola, first deputy mayor. She came to participate in the operation also as a doctor, by vaccinating, for the first time herself, against Covid-19. In addition to the fake news, she attributes this delay to the difficulty of access to vaccination centers, “by lack of public transport”, and to the “digital divide”.

“Every vaccine counts”

“With these one-off operations, we reach people who leave their neighborhood very little, who have a priori on vaccination”, indicates Thierry Zaveroni of the battalion of marine firefighters of Marseille, and responsible for the three vaccination centers in the city, which today revolve around 2,000 vaccinations per week. “We are not at all in the same philosophy as a vaccinodrome, with populations convinced of the benefits of vaccination,” he continues. There, we are almost on a case-by-case basis, on a tailor-made vaccination, but each vaccine counts. “

For that day, he had planned 200 doses. A total of 43 were used, including 30 primary vaccinations. “It is the fruit of field awareness work,” says Thierry Zaveroni. After this test, a new operation could thus be carried out, in another health insurance agency, this time.

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