“It is not sustainable beyond 2030”

Investments, especially in buildings (read below), are good but the financial situation of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation is disastrous. Another 1 billion deficit in 2021, after the 2 billion in 2020. A debt that would be 14.2 billion in 2025, according to the Planning Bureau. Is the Federation in virtual bankruptcy?

“We dramatize the situation of the Federation,” said the PS Community Budget Minister. “She is not at all in virtual bankruptcy. We must realize that for the moment, the debt load represents less than 2% of our revenues. »But is this constant indebtedness tenable in the long term
? “No, I say that frankly. It is tenable at ease until the end of the legislature (2024, editor’s note). But until 2030 and beyond, no! You can’t lose a billion every year, borrow a billion every year indefinitely. “

Frédéric Daerden offers solutions to avoid getting there
: “We need to think together, with the regions in particular”

Minister talks about decree on school buildings, barely passed
: “It is not yet quite ripe in terms of funding”


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