It is reported that the director of Joaquin Phoenix starring in “Joker” has signed a sequel shooting contract with Warner Bros.

Joaquin Phoenix By starring DC Popular movie “Joker》Sweep in one fell swoop last year OscarGolden Globe AwardsSAG Awards with BAFTA The Best Actor Award, with a budget of only US$60 million, reached a box office of more than US$1 billion. Rumors about the sequel have been circulating on the Internet. Although it may be the best strategy to end with applause, it is such an unprecedented success. It seems a pity to continue.

director Todd Phillips In the past, it was revealed that he had discussed with Joaquin Phoenix about the possibility of ushering in a movie sequel. Both parties remained open to this, but no follow-up news was released. The Hollywood Reporter In an article about 100 Hollywood lawyers, it was mentioned that Todd Phillips had been with Warner Bros. Reached an agreement to produce a sequel. Although there were few more details exposed, Todd Phillips also pointed out that unless he can find a theme that resonates with viewers like the first “Joker”, he will not return to shooting the sequel. What kind of surprises the combination can continue to bring to the world is quite exciting. Interested readers may wish to follow HYPEBEAST’s follow-up report.

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