It is rumored that the UK will announce a new round of epidemic prevention measures, the pound hits a new low this year | Anue Juheng-International Political Economy

The Financial Times reported on Wednesday (8th) that in order to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to announce a new round of restrictions.GBPAgainstDollarThe exchange rate fell after hearing the news, hitting a new low this year.

Three British government officials revealed to the “Financial Times” that the government has decided to implement the “Plan B” plan, which includes requiring the presentation of vaccine passports at some large venues and issuing work-from-home orders.

The new restrictions will be announced at a press conference on Wednesday as soon as possible, and will be presented to the British Parliament on Thursday (9th). Before the deadline, Downing Street did not respond to a request for comment on the above report.

After the news came out,GBPAgainstDollarThe exchange rate fell 0.4% in the short-term to 1.3192 temporarily, which was the lowest this year. Travel and leisure and aviation stocks were also dragged down. Before the deadline, easyJet was down 4.7%, film operator Cineworld was down 4.5, and International Consolidated Airlines Group was down 3.9%.

Data show that there were 101 new Omicron confirmed cases in the UK on Tuesday (7th), with a total of 437 confirmed cases.

Facing the ever-increasing number of infections, British epidemiologist and professor at Imperial College London, Neil Ferguson, recently warned that Omicron is spreading very fast, doubling every 2 to 3 days. At this rate, infection The number of people infected is likely to surpass Delta before Christmas.

Ferguson said that the number of confirmed cases in London and Scotland is currently particularly high. The situation in London is expected because it is mostly visited by foreign tourists. However, it is not clear why the Scottish epidemic spread so quickly. It is speculated that it may be held in Glasgow last month. The COP26 climate summit is related.

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