“It is too late to build new plants”


The government spoke on Tuesday of several “avenues” to support industries that consume a lot of energy in the face of soaring gas and electricity prices, and to try to stabilize electricity prices in the longer term. Guest of Sonia Mabrouk in Europe Matin on Wednesday, the environmentalist Bertrand Piccard, judged that Emmanuel Macron’s desire to develop nuclear power through creation mini power plants called SMRs, was not a solution for the future for the country.

“It has been a long time since specialists say that fossil fuels can only see their price increase because they are limited quantities and that renewable energies can only see their price decrease because they are unlimited sources. this situation today “, he recalled.

A too late solution

For the president of the Solar Impulse foundation, who is publishing the book this Wednesday Realistic. Let’s be logical as well as ecological, editions Stock, nuclear power does not appear to be the ideal ecological solution to fight against this surge in prices. “Current power plants produce carbon-free energy, but not enough since a large part of our society is still on oil. While it’s not very smart to shut down plants, neither is it. ‘build new ones today because it’s too late, “said Bertrand Piccard.

“All IPCC reports shows that we have ten years to decarbonise half of our society. And these plants will arrive much later because we can see how difficult it is to develop new technologies. So let’s use those that already exist like solar and wind, much cheaper to make electricity than nuclear, oil, gas and coal, “continued the environmentalist.

“60% of the energy produced is lost through inefficiency”

He also regretted that the country “wastes” and “loses through inefficiency” 60% of the energy it produces by poorly insulated houses or inadequate lighting and heating systems. “This is what we have to work on. Because if you want to lower the bills of the most disadvantaged people, you must first allow them to waste less,” he called.

For him, the debates around the energy transition do not put enough solutions on the table. “We only talk about problems and yet solutions exist. It is for this reason that I called my book Realistic. Often it’s just common sense and there’s no point in developing new high-tech technologies because we already have solutions that are financially profitable, that protect the environment and that make it possible to fight against climate change. “

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