“It is very regrettable and deserves a thorough investigation”, said Salvarezza – Télam

The minister stressed that “Argentina has an important vaccination exercise and has always complied with the plans.”

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Roberto Salvarezza, described this Tuesday as “very regrettable” the loss of hundreds of doses of the Sputnik vaccine against the coronavirus in the Buenos Aires town of Olavarría due to a deviation in the cold chain, at the same time called for “a thorough investigation” into the event.

“That they have not been able to be applied seems very regrettable and deserves an exhaustive investigation,” said Salvarezza, who remarked that “it is a time when the doses are highly appreciated and those were for 400 health workers who are the most exposed with the increase in the number of cases “.

In this regard, the attorney general of the Buenos Aires town of Azul, Marcelo Sobrino, indicated earlier that he is investigating whether the deviation in the cold chain that caused the loss of hundreds of doses of Sputnik V was due to “an electrical failure in the freezer “where they were located or if it was” an attack. “

In dialogue with radio AM 750, Salvarezza highlighted this morning that Argentina “has made a very intelligent policy” in trying to “agree with all possible laboratories the provision of vaccines” against the coronavirus.

“One should hope that the vaccine forecast for 2021 is sufficient to vaccinate the entire vaccinable population, which is around 30 million people,” he added.

In the same vein, he indicated that the vaccination “will take almost the entire year 2021” and requested “extreme all possible care, with distancing, hygiene, use of chinstraps” while the inoculation period against Covid-19 elapses.

“If the vaccination plans are fulfilled, by the middle of the year we should have 15 million people vaccinated,” said Salvarezza, adding that “there is a probability that a part will not want to be vaccinated.”

At this point, he indicated that for the months of July or August “we would have to see a positive impact if it is possible to achieve what the Ministry of Health and the provincial ministries of Health are anticipating”, which is to reach “50% of vaccination “.

Finally, the minister stressed that “Argentina has an important vaccination exercise and has always complied with the vaccination plans.”


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