It only works to sleep in a luxury resort, this site is ready to pay you IDR 28 million


A website providing sleep quality research information is looking for someone to help study the effects of environmental factors on sleep quality. Photo / Ist

JAKARTA – This could actually be dream job . Only by sleeping on resort five stars , You can bring home an income of IDR 28 million.

Is, site web which provides information on sleep products and research on quality of sleep, is looking for someone willing to make £ 8million. The “victim” will help them study the effect environmental factors have on sleep quality. Read on too: Too Beautiful, Romanian Beauty Queen Fired from Hospital

“The short-listed candidate will spend five nights sleeping in a different environment arranged by our team including one night on resort 5-star luxury, “wrote posting, as reported by CNN.

Candidates will be asked to write a report on their sleep experience each night. And about how each particular sleep environment affects the quality of their sleep.

The person then had to rate the environment from 1 to 10 to tell researchers the difference in sleep preferences. If all work is completed, a salary of IDR 28 with all fees paid by the research organizer.

Interested candidates will need to submit a photo of the face and a 60 second introductory video explaining why they want the position. Applicants must also share a link to all of their social media pages.

All requirements must be submitted by March 31st. How, interested? Also read: Ingenuity Helicopters Contact Earth After Landing on Mars



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