It takes 46 minutes on average for people from Madrid to travel by public transport

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Madrid people take an average of 46 minutes on each journey with public transport. A figure similar to the big European capitals although it surpasses Barcelona in ten minutes, according to the analysis of the Moovit urban mobility application of the metropolitan areas.

The 2019 Moovit Global Public Transport Report concludes that Madrid residents travel 10.7 kilometers on average each time they use public transport, in which they spend 46 minutes (11 of them in waiting times), and for They have to walk just over 600 meters.

In Barcelona, ​​the average displacement is 36 minutes (nine of them waiting), the distance traveled is somewhat smaller, 9.3 kilometers, although they must walk a little more, 695 meters.

Madrid, similar to big capitals
Compared to the great European capitals, the times and distances of Madrid approach those of Paris, London and Berlin, and improve those of Rome. The average journey time in Madrid (46 minutes) is below Rome (52 minutes), Paris (49 minutes) and Athens (47). In London they spend 45 minutes and in Berlin 43.

The 11-minute wait per ride in Madrid is close to 10.8 in Paris or 10.6 in Berlin, and less than 16 in Rome or 15 in Athens. The nine of Barcelona improve even the 9.8 minutes of London. The average distance traveled per route in Madrid (10.7 km) is also similar to Paris (11.0) and London (10.8), and considerably greater than in Rome (6.8). Although the journey is shorter in the Italian capital, its citizens spend more time.

Moovit’s study, based on the data obtained from its application, analyzes millions of journeys made by public transport in a hundred cities around the world, including 14 Spanish, completed with user surveys. The results are the average of the displacements both in the city and in its metropolitan area during every day of the week. Does not include travel in private vehicles or taxi, but in micro mobility (such as public services of bicycles or scooters).

Little time in Bilbao
According to the study, in Spain, behind Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Seville, Gran Canaria and Tenerife are the areas with the longest travel times, 34 minutes on average. In Burgos they only spend 20 minutes, and in Bilbao and Zaragoza, 26. The short time in Burgos is due to the fact that it is the city with the least average distance from its neighbors to reach its destination, just 2.6 kilometers. Granada, Zaragoza and Vigo are below four kilometers. On the contrary, the distances in the Canary Islands are the longest: Tenerife and Gran Canaria exceed 16 kilometers, and Lanzarote, more than 13 per way.

The longest waiting times are suffered in Lanzarote, more than 18 minutes each way. In Tenerife and Malaga they are above 13 minutes. On the opposite side are Bilbao, below eight minutes, and Zaragoza and Burgos, below nine.

Lanzarote is also the area where public transport users travel more meters on foot, almost 1.5 kilometers, a situation that they share with the other islands analyzed. Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Mallorca also exceed one kilometer on foot. Madrid, on the other hand, is the area where its citizens need to walk less, just 612 meters on average. Vigo, Granada, Zaragoza and Barcelona are also below 700 meters. .


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