“It tastes of regret”

It was a move he would regret for a long time. Roman Kemp, a British radio presenter, has eaten the most expensive chocolate egg in the world. He exclaimed on Twitter: “I ate it and people say it’s worth 10,000 euros”, “it tastes like regret”.

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Indeed, the Cadbury brand has launched a limited edition of “Creme Eg” eggs. Among them, five half-white, half-milk chocolate eggs are circulating on the market. They are each worth 10,000 pounds (11,399 €). Other chocolates worth £50, £100 or £500 are also in circulation.

Roman was unaware of the action. He learned on social networks the irreparable. On the radio, he said: “If someone works for Cadbury and listens to the show, can you come and talk to me? I’m going through a dark time right now! »

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