It took 15 years for machine fans to remake “Metropolitan PRIME 2D”!Nintendo’s Legal Department will take action after the release of the animation-e-sports

What old games have you played in your childhood with special memories? Recently, a group of like-minded machine fans formed an independent development game team Team SCU, and spent 15 years trying to remake “Metroud” (Metro Warrior PRIME) developed by Retro Studios, and put this first-person horizontal version. The reel fan game is named “Metroid PRIME 2D”. However, after they released the demo video, they soon received a letter from the lawyer of Nintendo’s Legal Department, and now they can only remove the demo version and self-made music from the shelves.

  • Independent development game team Team SCU spent 15 years remaking “Metroid PRIME 2D”
  • But after releasing the demo video, I immediately received a letter from the lawyer from Nintendo’s Legal Department
  • Team SCU has now removed the trial version download and original music download, and tried to contact Nintendo, hoping to continue to promote the game project

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Although it took 15 years to produce, and emphasized that this is only for entertainment from fans, it still can’t stop Nintendo’s legal department from taking it. After Team SCU receives the lawyer’s letter, it can only remove the download link of the demo version and original music MP3. After that, they made an announcement to fans who followed the news, saying that they were warned by a game-related company to stop making the existing “Prime 2D” game project. But they are in contact with the company, hoping to come up with a form that is satisfactory to both parties to continue to promote the project.

Many fans support them and put forward different suggestions, such as changing the protagonist to another appearance, or directly changing to another game. I hope the two sides can finally reach a satisfactory result.

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