It turns out that Daniel Mananta has Steadily withdrawn from Indonesian Idol since the end of 2019

JAKARTA, – Like it sticks imageher with Indonesian Idol, figure Daniel Mananta enough to surprise many people with the decision to resign as the host of the popular talent search event.

This decision was not something Daniel took suddenly. In fact, Daniel has thought about this since Indonesian Idol entered its tenth season.

“I feel like in my heart already firm really ‘this Indonesian Idol arrived season Just 10, like that in my heart, “said Daniel quoted from the YouTube channel Maia AlElDul TV, Monday (16/11/2020).

Daniel then mentioned when he certainly began to feel his decision was unanimous to leave Indonesian Idol.

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“October 2019. So I’m seeing children being eliminated, last year’s kids. When I see that I really enjoy it, enjoy really, I thank God too, “said Daniel.

“But I don’t know why all of a sudden in my heart I feel ‘that’s it time to move on, ‘I can’t explain myself what it is, but I have’it’s time to move on, “he continued.

Although it cannot be denied, as an individual, Daniel is proud to be part of a big program like Indonesian Idol.

However, Daniel felt that his decision to resign was purely because Daniel felt it was time for him to let go so that Indonesian Idol could be bigger.

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“For example, if I keep clinging and I’m really possessive, what is there will not grow more than me,” said Daniel.

“Indeed, something healthy is a must grow and that grow it requires a name change and change is definitely not good at first, “continued the man who also works as an actor and producer.


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