“It was a crime”: Guido Süller confessed something that will bring serious problems to the biopic of Ricardo Fort

Ricardo Fort He passed away in November 2013 after a bad surgery on his hip. However, the legacy of the most famous chocolatier is more present than ever. Is that Adrian Suar revealed a few days ago that he plans to do a series about the eccentric life of the «Commander». Guido Süller, intimate friend and ex partner of the millionaire, spoke about the possibility of giving life to the character of Ricardo.

«A very good actor like Rodrigo de la Serna has to do it and tune it, I think he is one of the best in Argentina. I wouldn’t focus on just his looks, I’d love to collaborate. As kids we dreamed of being unforgettable, he left a mark. It seems good to me that it be done but I want the truth to be told and to show it human, also with its miseries “, he began by saying Guido Süller on the radio program “Por si las moscas”, waiting for the opportunity of the series.

«The reality is that we know that he left and his life is very interesting, I know many things. When I met him, being gay was a crime. I met him in ’88, we all pretended to society, we showed a face, but intimacy was something else, we went out for a year and a half in adolescence, “added the media, while confirming that he was a couple of Ricardo Fort in his adolescence.

It should be noted that the illusion of a series about the life of the “Commander” was born a few days ago with the words of Adrián Suar precisely in the program of “Dead Moskita”: “I would like to return to make the biopic of Ricardo Fort. She had talked to his ex-partner, who came to Polka last year. We spoke with Gustavo and then what happened happened. Ricardo has world. It makes me want, let’s see if it can be done, “he said, telling about the great news.

«If a protocol is approved, I want to see how Polka is doing in December to re-enter, we will make the decision at the end of November, but the first thing I have to do is finish the Verón Tiger. Polka or no Polka, I have to finish it, “added El Trece’s programming manager and Polka’s boss. The truth is that the news about a possible fiction about the life of Ricardo Fort fell wonderfully among the fans.

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