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It was a reaction, said the lawyer for the teenager who brutally beat the beach man

The incident occurred last Friday and the young aggressor surrendered this Thursday to the prosecutor Sebastián María Fedullo, in the company of a lawyer. Since then, the employee has been sedated and in intensive therapy at the Iteba Clinic, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores.

“We are waiting for the evolution of the man who is injured, to see what temperament the Prosecutor’s Office adopts and what is the accusation that my client is notified,” said José Pereyra, the defender, adding: “He is at home, with his family The main thing is to collaborate and that the Justice can evaluate all the evidence. “

According to Pereyra, both the mother and the aggressor helped him from the beginning. “Perhaps the minor managed to leave because of the fear it caused him, when he realized something that happened that was not loved by him. He was the one who called 911 and the ambulance, and we are going to prove it”, said.

The event, which was recorded by a security camera, occurred in the parking lot located at Moreno 800, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Monserrat.

Police sources indicated that an employee of the place, identified as Arturo López, was accused by a 17-year-old teenager who, according to witnesses, claimed him for a scratch on his vehicle.

The images show how the aggressor, accompanied by two other young men and his mother, hits López on the left side of the face, causing the man to fall and hit the ground hard, leaving him unconscious on the spot.

The victim was quickly transferred in an ambulance of the Medical Emergency Attention System (SAME) with a diagnosis of head trauma with loss of consciousness, with risk of life.

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