“It was anarchy in the Fens, the situation was unmanageable, we no longer had control”

Tens of thousands of tourists, and thousands of vehicles, have set foot in the Hautes Fagnes in recent days. Never seen. The governor of the province of Liège, Hervé Jamar, therefore resolved to take an equally unprecedented measure: prohibit access to this region for three days. From January 1 to 3 inclusive, it will be forbidden to use the roads and, necessarily, to park in the fens. Only the emergency services and TEC buses retain authorization to travel there.

“This decision was taken at the instigation of the mayors of Jalhay, Malmedy and Waimes. The situation had become unmanageable, we were no longer in control ”, confirms Daniel Stoffels, the maïeur we would like. The Jalhaytois Michel Fransolet will not say the opposite: “with 10-15,000 people, we could not do otherwise. People were parked on the new roundabout, on flowerbeds, lawns. It was anarchy! “

► This unprecedented influx of memories of three mayors, generated three kinds of problems. Here they are.

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