It was revealed that one Indonesian U-19 national team player was targeted by a Japanese club

The Indonesian U-19 national team players, Rendy Juliansyah and Jack Brown, duel in an interla game at Field D (Archery), Senayan, Jakarta, Saturday (12/12/2020).



BOLASPORT.COM – It turns out that there is one player Indonesian U-19 national team which entered the radar of the Japanese club target.

As known, Indonesian U-19 national team is currently on vacation from training camp agendas.

This was done because the previous tournaments would be faced Indonesian U-19 national team in 2021 it was finally canceled and changed to 2023.

As a result, several Indonesian U-19 national team currently there is being pulled by Shin Tae-yong ke Indonesian U-22 national team for preparation SEA Games 2021.

Initially, Shin Tae-yong calling eight players Indonesian U-19 national team to join the training camp Indonesian U-22 national team in Jakarta.

The eight pillars are Erlangga Setyo, Bagas Kaffa, Rizky Ridho, Pratama Arhan, Genta Alparedo, Irfan Jauhari, Braif Fatari, and Saddam Gaffar.

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However, Saddam was unable to attend the Indonesian U-22 national team training camp.

The player with the attacking position chose to take part in a series of Indonesian Air Force entrance tests.

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