News It was traveling at 80 km / h instead...

It was traveling at 80 km / h instead of 50: the parliamentary immunity of deputy Georges Dallemagne lifted!


The House unanimously approved Thursday the lifting of parliamentary immunity for MP Georges Dallemagne (cdH).

However, it maintained the immunity of Jean-Marie Dedecker (independent). On July 11, 2018, Mr. Dallemagne was fined in a tunnel on Avenue Louise in Brussels for a measured speed of 88 km / h (corrected speed of 82 km / h) at a location where the maximum authorized speed was 50 km / h. The member acknowledged the facts, both during his hearing before the police and before the House Prosecution Committee. He also confirmed that he had negligently discharged the transaction, despite four reminders. The lifting of his parliamentary immunity, proposed by the Prosecution Commission, should allow his appearance before the police court. In the meantime, the amount of the criminal transaction was paid late, which does not end the proceedings.

Mr. Dallemagne did not oppose the request for lifting.

For Jean-Marie Dedecker, the request for waiver of his parliamentary immunity concerned an open investigation for slander and harassment in particular. The complainant, Liliane Dewulf, is a former CD&V alderman in Middelkerke, a municipality of which Mr. Dedecker is now mayor. She appeared in a report on the Pano show (VRT) on November 14, 2017 about the municipality’s participation in the construction of a new casino in the coastal city. Following this broadcast, the LDD party (Lijst Dedecker) had published an article on this subject in its newspaper. In this paper considered by Mr. Dedecker as an “electoral tract”, a portrait of the complainant was drawn. It contained, according to her, a series of incorrect allegations intended to harm him.

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The file is fixed next June 17 in front of the council chamber of Bruges.

Since then the West Flanders public prosecutor’s office, Bruges section, has dismissed this case. The Prosecution Committee considered that the investigation carried out was incomplete and that, “in the interest of the parliamentary institution”, a waiver of parliamentary immunity was not necessary.


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