It will be necessary to cohabit with the Asian hornet, assures the Walloon Minister of the Environment: “Impossible to eradicate this invasive species”

“It will certainly be impossible to eradicate this invasive alien species” which mainly feeds on bees, which is a real problem for beekeepers, she admitted.

According to the minister, around a hundred Asian hornet nests have been neutralized this year, mostly by CRA-W, the Walloon agricultural research center, “at no cost to applicants”.

In this regard, the development of the legal framework for the supervision of private operators active in the destruction of insect nests should be finalized for the summer of 2021, said Céline Tellier.

The first nests of Asian hornets appeared in Wallonia in 2016, in the region of Tournai, after having been accidentally imported into Europe in 2004.

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