Italy closes all shops except for food and health

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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced Wednesday evening that businesses in the peninsula, except those in the food distribution and health sectors, will be closed to try to stem the coronavirus pandemic. “We close shops, bars, pubs, restaurantsHe said in a formal address. “Home delivery will remain authorized. ” “The effects of this great effort will be visible in a fortnight“, He promised.

Giuseppe Conte had already announced on Tuesday strict measures of containment of the population, with a restriction of the freedom of movement and a ban on assembly for the 60 million Italians, in force until April 3. Behind China, Italy is the second country in the world most affected by the pandemic, with 827 dead and 12,462 cases, according to a report made public Wednesday evening. Officials from Lombardy, the Milan region (north), by far the most affected (617 dead) and economic lung of the country, have been asking the government for several days to tighten the restrictions.

Some believe that instead of prolonging an agony that lasts for months “, it is better” to stop the contagion definitively“Declared the president of Veneto (north), Luca Zaia, on Tuesday, pleading for radical measures. Giuseppe Conte added, however, that public transport would not be interrupted. Likewise, “industries and factories will be able to continue to produce as long as they take appropriate security measures to avoid contagion“, He detailed.

There’s no need to rush to food stores“, However, he added to his compatriots. After Tuesday’s announcements, Italians crowded into night shops to stock up on food supplies. To try to avoid a collapse of the third European economy, asphyxiated by the new coronavirus, Rome announced Wednesday the release of an envelope of 25 billion euros. It also decided on a moratorium on the repayment of home loans.



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