Italy-France: the favorites and scratches of our special envoy – 6 Nations

A “super-satisfied Dupont, an attack in TT mode; but also too weak Italians and a captain who does not show a good example: find what our special correspondent in Rome retained after the large victory (50-10) of the Blues.


Dupont «superdécisif»

He left on bases that are still as high as ever. Designated man of the match, the scrum half of Toulouse again blasted the match. Distributing four assists. A little low kick for Fickou and three caviars in hand (for Cretin, Vincent and Thomas), with a special mention for the blind and acrobatic one destined for the Montpellier center. Four assists therefore to equal the record in the Six Nations Tournament of Fredéric Michalak (in 2006) and the Englishman Austin Healy (2000). In order not to lose his good habits, Antoine Dupont was also in support of Teddy Thomas to register his own tests (53e). “A big performance as usual, said its captain, Charles Ollivon. It does not surprise anyone anymore.” A little more, if.

The Blues already developed

The staff had insisted. It was necessary to treat the goal-average, not to slack off to garner as many points as possible, so as not to relive the irritating outcome of 2020 and a six Nations Tournament lost in favor of England on the points difference. Mission accomplished. Seven tries, 50 points, + 40. A speaking gap since it is the fourth largest between France and Italy after the meetings of 1967 (60-13, +47), 2005 (56-13, + 43) and 2009 (50-8, +42). It’s much better than a year ago when the Blues had baguenaudé, leaving expensive points on the way against the Nazionale (35-22 at the Stade de France). “Over the past few days, we’ve been emphasizing that every point counts in this competition. Satisfaction is therefore also linked to the difference in points ”, underlined Raphaël Ibanez at the end of this prolific success.

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TT mode attack

And two which make 15. 15 tries 23 selections for an impressive ratio, an undeniable efficiency: 0.65 try match played with the XV of France for Teddy Thomas, alias TT. Add to this double, his slalom in the Italian defense at the origin of the first try of the Blues or his assist for Antoine Dupont. The Racing winger, not always appreciated at its fair value (the fault of a not always solid defense and a few escapades and annoying phrases), undeniably brings an added value offensive. He fully justified the confidence of the coach who had pleaded in his favor: “Teddy brings all that is expected of him, that is to say his qualities of speed, finisher, scorer”.


Italians more and more weak

Once again, the debate should be put back on the table. Until when will Italy stop the competition by losing match after match. Saturday against the XV of France, the pale azure Squadra conceded its 27e straight loss in the Tournament! We have to go back to 2015 to find any sign of success (against Scotland). A sixth consecutive wooden spoon seems to him already promised. It is therefore legitimate to raise the possibility of promotion-relegation in order to allow other selections, Georgia in the lead, to come and rub shoulders with the leaders of the northern hemisphere to progress. A word obviously unknown to Italians for ten years.

Left or left?

It was fine, it was hot (21 degrees). Spring before its time in Rome. Everything was in place for a great afternoon of rugby. Except the main ingredient, synonymous with noise and colors, songs and smells (of hops, merguez, sweat, whatever…): the supporters. An Olimpico stadium flooded with sunlight, but empty and silent, it lowers morale. “Sinistra”, we grimaced at the attention of an Italian colleague, thinking to master our second word of the language of Dante. He laughed. “Sinistro you mean. Sinistra means left. ” “Grazie,” I replied. Finally the first and only word that I master …

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Ollivon sets a bad example

The captain is supposed to lead the way. Regarding the discipline, it’s failed. Charles Ollivon conceded three penalties on his own, the first from the 3e minute by tackling an Italian in the air. It doesn’t give a damn when the subject was on the agenda during the internship in Nice with the reinforcement of the former international referee Jérôme Garcès to remedy chronic defeat. The Blues have also as a whole, rather shown progress in this sector with only 9 penalties (and a free kick) whistled against them by Mr. Clarey, the English referee of the meeting, below 13- 14 collected recently. “We still make too many mistakes for my taste, regretted the third-line wing Dylan Cretin after the meeting. We must continue to work to reduce as much as possible the number of penalties conceded. ” Special mention also to Toulouse pillar Dorian Aldegheri, who came into play 22 minutes from the final whistle. Enough time to get penalized twice …


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