“Italy out of the emergency”. Berlin sends migrants back to us

“Given the evolution of the coronavirus emergency, migrant transfers to Italy under the Dublin regulation are again justified.” Thus begins one of the many letters, which the newspaper has come into possession, that are arriving in recent days to migrants that Germany wants to send back to Italy according to the Dublin regulation – which provides that it is the state of first entry of people in Europe to take charge of it. The air transfers to our country had been frozen due to Covid, but now the German Interior Ministry has decided that all conditions are in place for them to start again, starting with that of the drop in infections. The fact that in recent weeks Italy is subject to new migratory pressure with a wave of landings from Tunisia does not seem to be part of German evaluations, despite the solidarity announced only two days ago by the German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas: « We don’t leave Italy alone, we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past, “he said. Arousing the thanks of the Italian colleague Luigi Di Maio: «Thanks to my friend and colleague Maas. His words today are a very important signal for Italy. We have always said that the migrant issue cannot be addressed only by our country. Because whoever arrives on our coasts arrives on European soil. Germany said today it will not leave Italy alone. He held out a hand towards us, thanks also to the relationship of loyal and close collaboration between our two countries ». So far the words. In fact, however, the Federal Office for Migration in Berlin thus communicates to migrants the resumption of readmissions to Italy: «The restrictions on travel to Italy for the containment of Covid have been largely lifted. Now the spread of the virus has been stopped. The federal office then resumes the transfer of people according to the Dublin regulation. The general conditions of the transfers have been adapted to the new hygiene rules “.

What is certain is not just about ads. Yesterday there was already the first transfer. The first post Covid readmission of a 38-year-old Nigerian accompanied by two German police officers on a flight that left Stuttgart at 6.45 am and landed in Milan. CC, his initials, had been “picked up” two days earlier by German agents from the reception center where he lived in Munich, he slept in a security cell before being escorted to the airport in Stuttgart. “They locked me in a room for three days waiting to let me go – he tells us when we reach him on the phone – Now I’m in Milan and I don’t have a place to go, I don’t know where to sleep”.

German humanitarian associations protest after eight thousand requests for readmissions from Berlin to our country already in 2019: “The restart of the expulsions is unreasonable, inhuman and unjust – explains Stephan Reichel of the Matteo association of the evangelical church to the newspaper – Covid-19 is not really defeated and the spread is not blocked. So much so that Italy has extended the state of emergency. Not only that, we have had recent outbreaks of Covid-19 in German refugee camps. Italy is also suffering from the economic and social consequences of the pandemic. It would be an act of solidarity not to burden Italy with additional refugees, which the country cannot take care of ».

Appeals that fall on deaf ears, like the European promises to reform the Dublin regulation so far, the one that continues to condemn Italy at the forefront of hospitality. Promises renewed now from Germany, which leads the European semester in Brussels.

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