Italy: Premier Conte announces loosening of lockdown

The Italian premier Giuseppe Conte has one on Sunday evening Loosening up the Preventive measures announced the Italy against that Corona virus has taken. From May 4, industry and Construction industry start again. The supply industry for these sectors should also start again.

People will be able to move around in their home region again. However, they will only be allowed to leave the region in which they live for urgent professional or sanitary reasons. Restaurants and snacks can make “take away” dishes. Parks and green spaces are reopened, but safety clearances must be observed. Professional athletes can start training again.

From May 18, the retail trade, museums and libraries should reopen. On June 1st, bars, restaurants, hairdressers and beauty salons are supposed to start operating again. The government also thinks of a structured restart of the bathing season. However, schools should not open again until September.

“Now the phase of living together with the virus. The epidemic curve could grow again in some regions. This is a risk, but we have to avert it. Therefore, keeping the distance is crucial. who Italy loves must prevent the contagion from growing again, “said Conte.

The prime minister also established the baseline of a third billion dollar Aid packages in front. This provides more support for companies and economic sectors that are particularly affected by the corona virus crisis.

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