Italy returns to the gym

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Since this Monday in most of Italy, except in Lombardy and Basilicata, you can go to Gym Yet the swimming poolalthough with strict security measures after two and a half months of the closings decreed by the pandemic of the coronavirus. It is a new step in the gradual process of return to normality.

While in Veneto, Sicily and Liguria had already resumed activities on May 18, in Lombardy, the region most affected by the virus and the one with more than half of new infections, still will have to wait and the scheduled date is, for the moment, May 31.

This has also been decided in the southern region of Basilicata and in some cities, such as Bologna and Palermo, they have chosen to postpone the reopening of municipal sports facilities until June.

Italy has approximately 100,000 private sports centers with about 20 million users and it is one of the sectors hardest hit by the closings as it has significant fixed expenses.

The national association of fitness sports facilities, gyms, swimming pools and sports fields (Anif) calculated that the losses have been 3,000 million euros and that this year each center will bill between 50% and 60% less than in 2019 and expenses will increase between 20% and 25%, so for many it will be difficult continue.

A badly hit sector

The approved security measures are much more rigid than in other activities, although, as in all places, the concentration of clients at the entrances and exits of gyms and the obligation to use disinfectant gels before entering.

It will be compulsory use of masks for clients and staff to access the facility and move around the spaces, but not during sports activities.

The gyms they must prepare a activity program and try to plan them as much as possible, inviting clients to book their assistance since there will be a limited number of people to lessons and courses.

In the changing rooms and showers, the spaces must be organized in such a way that the distance of at least 1 meter between one person and the other is always respected; To do so, for example, it will be necessary to separate the spaces with barriers and regulate access.

The distance between people will be at least two meters for those who are training and for this it is necessary to reorganize the positioning of the machines.

All the material and machinery must be disinfected after each use and spaces will also have to be cleaned several times a day, including changing rooms and cabinets.

Users must use special footwear Reserved for the gym and should not share water bottles, towels and other personal items with other users.

In the changing roomsAll clothing and personal items should be kept in lockers in personal bags. It is recommended that gyms make bags available to users to store their personal belongings to those who do not have them.

In addition, very detailed rules have been established regarding the room ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Distance in the pool

In the swimming pools It will also be necessary to reserve and keep the minimum distance of one meter in the common areas, while it will be 7 square meters in the sunbathing areas and also in the water.

The loungers They must be arranged in such a way that they cannot pass within 1.5 meters of other people. If possible, it will also be necessary to establish separate routes for entry and exit.

As in gyms, all personal clothing and items must be stored in the locker room, in closets, or inside personal bags. Dispensers with hydroalcoholic solutions For hand hygiene they must be present at various points of the structures.

The managers They must guarantee regular and frequent cleaning with disinfection of common areas, changing rooms, showers and sunbeds after each use. Before entering the water, you will be forced to shower with soap and the hat will be mandatory.

The rules include various details on the treatment of water in tanks and the chemical and microbiological analyzes that will be carried out monthly. As in restaurants, hairdressers and other shops, it is advisable to take the body temperature entry and those found to have a temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius should be denied entry.



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