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“Teachers have sex” (written in English – “Teachers do sex” – with the intention of referring to teachers) is the slogan of the campaign that an urban artist has launched in the social networks and in the streets of Turin (north of Italy) in defense of a young teacher fired in 2018 from the nursery where she worked after her boyfriend disclosed her intimate photos.

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The artist, known by the pseudonym Andrea Villa, has posted several posters in the streets of Turin showing the naked bodies of three teachers who have joined the campaign in solidarity with the farewell.

It is, as the artist explained on his Instagram profile, a project that aims to denounce the problem of sexual extortion and sexist discrimination.

To do this, he asked three elementary education teachers to send him nude photographs “as if they were going to send them to their partners” and later he has turned them into posters and pasted them on the street and on the marquees of the Italian city.

“Very often women are judged for their private sex life. In the world of primary education there is a hypocrisy according to which a woman cannot have sexuality and is denied her sexual condition as an individual ”, denounced the urban artist.

His action comes at a time when the Turin Court has resumed the trial of the case of a nursery school teacher who was fired in 2018 after her boyfriend distributed her intimate photos among his group of friends.

For this reason, Andrea Villa’s posters have appeared in front of several schools in the Piedmontese capital.

The teacher assured after the hearing that “the most painful part was the badness” in her workplace: “The school was the place where I should have felt protected and instead it is where I was attacked the most,” she assured according to the newspaper. local La Stampa.

And she regretted that what hurt her the most was “the lack of solidarity between women and colleagues.”

Precisely two of the defendants in the process are the director of the nursery and the wife of one of the boyfriend’s friends, who forwarded the images online. The former boyfriend has agreed to work in community services for a year.

Last week, the mayor of Turin, Chiara Appendino, called the teacher to convey her support and criticized the episode she had to endure as “the tip of the iceberg of a sexist, sexist and violent cultural model”.

The teacher – denounced this councilor, of the Five Star Movement – was “fired for a fault that she does not have and condemned to an unprecedented violence of ignorant comments” by certain public opinion.

In April of last year, Italy approved the so-called crime of “revenge porn”; that is, the dissemination of sexual images to denigrate a person, which carries penalties of up to six years in prison and fines of up to 15,000 euros.

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