“It’s a first for the hospital and it’s good for staff morale”

This Tuesday, the royal couple was thus welcomed with a guard of honor by some of the hospital staff of the CHBA, in Seraing. He then spoke personally with a series of staff members: the management, some heads of units but also with a psychologist, a cook, the technical service, etc. The various trades were able to explain to them what their daily life looked like and the difficulties they encountered.

The King and Queen also visited the Covid wing where soldiers were deployed at the beginning of November in support of hospital structures in Liège. There, they met an 87-year-old patient, Rosa, who had just recovered after more than three weeks of illness and arrived on November 5 from the Citadelle hospital.

“We are happy to have been able to welcome the sovereigns. They were empathetic, interested, attentive to each person, ”commented CHBA Director General Stéphanie De Simone, delighted with this visit. An opinion shared by its president David Iliaens, who adds: “This is a first for the hospital and it is good for staff morale.” The couple left shortly after 4:30 p.m., after receiving a warm applause.

This is the second royal visit to Liège in a week. As a reminder, on November 10, the King had indeed gone to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at ULiège to visit the Covid lab, which to date is the one that has carried out the greatest number of tests in Belgium.


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