It’s about $ 900 billion: House of Representatives paves the way for Corona aid

It’s about $ 900 billion
House of Representatives paves the way for Corona aid

In March, the US made $ 2.3 trillion in government aid in the Corona crisis. Now another $ 900 billion is to follow. The bill is almost 600 pages long, and the US House of Representatives approves it.

The US House of Representatives has approved corona aid worth around $ 900 billion. House spokeswoman Democrat Nancy Pelosi said of the stimulus package that “it doesn’t go all the way, but it gets us on the way”. She criticized it for not providing direct aid to state and local authorities as the Democrats demand.

Pelosi announced that the requested financial support would be renewed after the accession of Democratic President-elect Joe Biden. “It reflects a fair compromise,” said Republican representative Hal Rogers about the deal.

The 5,593-page bill would be the second-largest government cash injection in US history after the $ 2.3 trillion aid passed in March. Democratic President-elect Joe Biden urged Congress to consider further incentives when he takes office on January 20. “My message to everyone out there who are having problems right now, help is on the way,” he said. The United States is the country hardest hit by the corona pandemic.

New budget adopted

Parliament also passed the new $ 1.4 trillion budget. This clears the way for the Senate to vote on both proposals. The Republican-led Senate is expected to wave the drafts through with a large majority.

The White House had already confirmed the signature of US President Donald Trump. It would be the second largest government cash injection after the $ 2.3 trillion aid approved in March.


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