“It’s like Michael Jackson”… ‘Lee Soo-geun♥’ Park Ji-yeon consulted for revision rhinoplasty

Money Today Reporter Ryu Won-hye | 2023.03.09 19:09

/Photo = Park Ji-yeon’s Instagram

Park Ji-yeon (36), the wife of comedian Lee Soo-geun (48), received a consultation for rhinoplasty.

Park Ji-yeon said on Instagram on the 9th, “I came to a nose job, had the first surgery, and lived without being greedy.” “But whenever I upload a video or photo, they say I look like Michael Jackson.”

Contracture is a condition in which the muscle continues to shrink due to non-repeated stimulation. As a side effect of rhinoplasty, the tip of the nose may become hard, and the nose may be lifted or shortened.

Park Ji-yeon also revealed a photo of her visiting a plastic surgery department at a university hospital. He expressed his anxiety, “I came for a second surgery consultation. Because of anesthesia, surgery is only possible at a university hospital.”

Park Ji-yeon married Lee Soo-geun, who is 12 years older, in 2008 and has two sons. In 2010, when she was pregnant with her second son, her pregnancy toxemia caused her kidney problems, and she received her father’s kidney transplant in 2011.

However, it was regrettable that it was revealed that he had been recommended for kidney retransplantation in 2021. Currently, he is sharing the current status of receiving kidney dialysis treatment.

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