It’s my weekend. Stopover in Dieppe

The Dieppe marina. (Dieppe Tourist Office)

Dieppe is located some 180 km from Paris in Seine-Maritime, just 2.15 hours by train from the capital. And we start with an iodine walk on the pebble beach up to the pier. At the end of the dike under the cliff, coffee break at the Bar O Meter. You are now facing the emerald-colored sea. The sound of the bells of theSaint-Rémy church (which has a remarkable organ) subtly mingle with the sounds of the waves of the English Channel.

Pebble beach in Dieppe.
Pebble beach in Dieppe. (France Blue)

Dieppe is the first French fishing port for the scallop. Nearby, boulevard Verdun, you will taste excellent seafood at the restaurant L’Ô2 mer.

Coquilles Saint-Jacques on the port of Dieppe.
Coquilles Saint-Jacques on the port of Dieppe. (MAXPPP)

On the heights stands a fortified castle, which houses the Dieppe Museum. Inside, ivory ship models finely chiseled, ivory, a specialty from Dieppe since the 17th century; in this fortress we also admire canvases by Renoir and Courbet. From the esplanade of the castle-Museum, the panorama of the city is breathtaking.

Dieppe castle (Seine-Maritime) (illustration).
Dieppe castle (Seine-Maritime) (illustration). (GILLES TARGAT / GILLES TARGAT)

Place du Moulin-à-vent, in the Bout-du-Quai district, we fall under the spell of the half-timbered houses. A stone’s throw away, you reach the very lively Quai Henri-IV.

Due to the Covid, the widened terraces further border the marina. “We made a pedestrian circuit around the marina where bars are installed, so it gives a more lively side to the city.”

In the evening, people from Dieppe like Sophie also like to meet at Warehouse, a trendy café-concert where you feel at home. This is where Roger, a dashing retiree, plays with his band. “And then there are bars like the court cafe (once frequented by Oscar Wilde) which is excellent in the city center, on Saturday mornings it’s a pleasure to be there! Dieppe is big enough to be alone and small enough to see the world, it’s an easy city! Sea enthusiasts can go boating, sailing. “

A ferry enters the port of Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) on November 19, 2012.
A ferry enters the port of Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), November 19, 2012. (MAXPPP)

To see also, the alleys of Pollet, it’s’former sailors’ quarter of Dieppe with its atypical houses very narrow on four floors as in the rue Quiquengrogne, which refers to the war cry of the privateers of the English Channel in the fifteenth century.

That day, Christine and Shimon take a walk there. “We are really at the heart of what remains of the old fishermen’s quarter, these are all these little alleys full of souls that have not been distorted by modern homes, it’s so charming! a little hidden, it’s good it’s nice. “

Just before you will cross the pont Colbert. “It’s a listed, Eiffel-style swing bridge. It appears on all our postcards, it’s a bit like Notre Dame de Iron to us! “

Houses of former fishermen in Dieppe.
Houses of former fishermen in Dieppe. (Dieppe Tourist Office)

Due to the health crisis, the 21st edition of the Dieppe International Kite Festival, which was to be held from today, is postponed until next year. This does not prevent this City of Art and History to organize many cultural events thanks to its theater and its brand new cinema complex. Dieppe also plans to open an oceanographic center, and a cabaret called La sirène à barbe.

“I think Dieppe has moved out of its complex compared to Deauville and Trouville, where all Parisians usually go. And Dieppe has managed to find its identity, it took a long time, a few generations.

Dieppe has attracted more and more tourists for three or four years, but she keeps her unassuming little town paw “, analyzes Aurélie, a young quad proud to see her city move so much. A feeling shared by Christine, another resident.

We had the impression that for a few years, Dieppe was asleep. And there, for the past five years, we have found an energy, a vigor.

Christine, resident of Dieppe

“We find thirty-something who had gone to study elsewhere, and who now want to come back to raise their children here in Dieppe. There is a new life, a life for the young, with a lot of cultural activities, everything related to sea bathing, it has developed a lot with many clubs. So yes, the city comes back to life and it’s great to see it like that! “

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