It’s my weekend. We escape into nature for a micro-adventure

The micro-adventure is for all those who are looking for fresh air and activities because we travel off the beaten track for short periods: a weekend or even the time of an evening. (ALEXIS COSENTINO / HELLOWAYS)

The micro-adventure is a response to the concerns of travelers in search of meaning, nature and attentive to ecology. Its principle: we play explorers in nature, most often near home or on a site in France, easily accessible by public transport.

Hiking specialist, the medium of inspiration Helloways bet on hyper local. “We can send you to a Natura 2000 classified river where we see fish in rapids in the Ile de France.” For Clément Lhommeau, co-director – with Nicolas Chevolot – of Helloways, what defines the micro-adventure is first and foremost the state of mind.

“This adventure can have many different forms, it can be spending a night in a bivouac in the middle of the forest, it can be going by canoe across a river and stopping in the middle to go fishing. just trying to get out of your comfort zone through lots of different activities that are not necessarily expensive and far away. “

The micro-adventure has been a great success with urban 25-45 year olds who want to reconnect with nature with activities to be practiced without a competitive spirit. “Micro-adventure is the complete opposite of performance, continues Clément Lhommeau. This is because these are activities that offer to slow down, listen to what is happening around you, listen to others and talk, for example, with the person walking alongside us. You can take the time to discover, to look at nature, fauna, flora, but also the heritage around your home. “

Among the original micro-adventures: the Great Crossing on foot and by canoe of the Epte, this 113 km river flows from Forges-les-Eaux (Seine-Maritime) to Giverny (Eure) to flow into the Seine. The adventure begins at Gisors station, which can be reached from Paris by Transilien (Line J). During the two days, we cross forests, groves and the Regional Natural Park of Vexin with its hilly deserts, in short, light years from the city.

Crossing the Epte by canoe for a micro-adventure.
Crossing the Epte by canoe for a micro-adventure. (ADRIEN PLAUD / HELLOWAYS)

From Paris, you can also escape by bike starting from the Ourcq canal by following a marked route to the town of Meaux, in Seine-et-Marne. You have to swallow 50 km before you buy a good slice of the famous Brie de Meaux.

They come from the communities developed by the agencies via their social networks, which organize and exchange their secret corners and good nature escape plans around the main large cities of France.

L’Chilowé agency brings together 200,000 members. From April 1, she offers to go with a local guide off the beaten track. Its co-founder, Thibaut Labey emphasizes that “there are 4000 meters other than Mont Blanc, other gorges to discover than those of the Ardèche, there are other great GR20s to do, outside of Corsica, so our goal is is to orient our community towards less popular places and experiences and places a little more deserted. “

Belle-Ile is the largest Breton island.  And it lives up to its name with its 58 beaches and coves bathed in emerald water, its black shale cliffs and the storms that come to set it all to music!
Belle-Ile is the largest Breton island. And it lives up to its name with its 58 beaches and coves bathed in emerald water, its black shale cliffs and the storms that come to set it all to music! (CHILOWE)

Chilowé proposes to go around Belle-Île-en-Mer on foot for 4 days. With its wild coast beaten by the ocean and its famous Pointe des Poulains, the natural landscapes are magnificent.

All these online platforms are based on a “freemium” model, some unaccompanied routes are accessible free of charge, for paying micro-adventures, count from 9.90 euros two free hikes at Helloways, and it can go up to 620 euros three days to discover the creeks of Marseille by sail with a professional at Chilowé.

Adventure is at the end of the road.


Libre Paris Chilowé : this guide brings together 134 micro-adventures to experience around Paris (the best spots for climbing, surfing, fishing, hiking …).

The guide book 2 days to live (editions Gallimard Voyage) ofAmelia Deloffre : the author offers a trip in a van in the Basque Country or the tour of Mont Pilat on a moped on the foothills of the Massif Central.

Vagnon editions are launching a new collection of practical guides to learn all about micro-adventures in the forest, in the mountains or during a fishing weekend.

The online magazine ofHelloways : In kind Simone.

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