“It’s not good to change, you have to sell it as is” (video)

They are not experts for nothing. This Friday, in “Affaire Conclue”, the buyers of the show had to reframe Marion, a retiree who came to sell a cup from the famous Nancy crystal factory Daum. If the saleswoman praised the family history of the object and its sumptuous decor, she “forgot” to mention a detail. “There was a small accident, unfortunately, on one of the feet,” said Caroline Pons, a collector of the show from France.

“Yes … well I don’t know but hey … I was watching, maybe by filing a little it can get better”, tried to defend Marion. Pain lost in the face of the buyer. “A little piece is missing,” she insisted, pointing the damage in front of her comrades. “It’s less boring, of course, when it’s on a piece of outside foot than on the cup itself where there is the decor. But it’s embarrassing. It must be said. “

Damage also noted by Julien Cohen. ” Oh yeah ! It’s not nothing! “. “Well no, it’s not nothing, Julien. It’s not nothing. It’s not nothing at all, ”insisted Caroline Pons.

And the filing solution, proposed by Marion, also did not like. “It’s not good to change, you have to sell it as is. “

Despite everything, Caroline Pons still paid 920 euros to afford the cup. “We are always very vigilant when we buy this kind of part. Because we ourselves, when we have to sell them afterwards, our collector clients are very careful about the state of this kind of coins, she explained. And if it’s damaged, it’s better to always know it and say it, rather than evade it. “


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