It’s official: there is a new planet

NASA confirmed the existence of a new planet called KOI-5Ab orbiting in a system with three other stars, which had been forgotten since 2009 when it was discovered by e. Kepler space telescope.

More than a decade ago, the astronomical instrument discovered the planet about half the size of Saturn in a multi-star system, which it was called. KOI-5Ab.

The finding was made known in a virtual meeting of him. American Astronomical Society. However, the celestial body was forgotten as Kepler accumulated more planet discoveries, according to Nasa. According to experts, this new forgotten planet consists of three stars, labeled A, B, and C.

KOI-5Ab orbits star A, which has a relatively close companion, star B. Star A and star B orbit each other every 30 years. And a third gravitationally bound star, Star C, orbits stars A and B every 400 years.

The orbit is titled 50 degrees relative to the plane of stars A and B, so astronomers suspect that this misaligned orbit was caused by star B, which gave the planet a gravitational blow during its development, skewing its orbit and causing it to move inward.

The discovery of KOI-5Ab
NASA’s second planet-hunting mission allowed the Transiting Exoplanet Reconnaissance Satellite or TESS and a series of ground-based telescopes to discover the existence of KOI-5Ab.

David Ciardi, chief scientist at NASA’s Institute of Exoplanet Sciences explained that the planet “KOI-5Ab was abandoned because it was complicated and there were other miles of candidates!”, Which accumulated with Kepler’s findings.

Furthermore, Ciardi stated that “there were easier choices than KOI-5Ab, and we were learning something new from Kepler every day, so KOI-5 was mostly forgotten,” according to Chronicle.

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