“It’s out of the question brother, I didn’t dare say no”

This Sunday, February 28, RTL-TVI broadcast the third episode of the new season of “Married at first sight”, a great experiment on love in which experts bring together people who share a high compatibility rate. In this episode, the focus was on the marriage of Junior and Manon. The Manageois and the Ecaussinnoise said “yes” to the mayor after a long wait.

While everything was going perfectly and the newlyweds had joined their loved ones to celebrate the event, Junior suddenly did an about-face in front of his friends. “I’ll be honest with you, it’s not my style of woman at all,” said the young man who had always assured in front of the experts that he could go beyond the physical. “It’s out of the question, out of the question brother. It’s complicated to say no, I didn’t dare. What really made me say yes is that you were all here. It’s the only thing that made me say yes. If there was no party afterwards, I would say no, ”he continued.

“I was hot in the Ferrari”

Surprising statements, especially since in front of his new wife and the family of the latter, he did not show anything. Comfortable, smiling, easy to discuss, pleasant with those close to Manon… Junior had everything about the perfect husband. But in reality, he was overwhelmed by the experience as he explained to his friends. “Now we’re going on a trip, we’re going to take it upon ourselves. We will do what we have to do there. If we had to take the lead, we would never do it in front of the cameras. The whole of Belgium will be watching us. They are a million viewers. I was hot in the Ferrari, I knew very well that no one was going to say no to me. By the time I said yes, I was hoping she would tell me no. “

Words that surprised the experts who tried to put words into words on this incredible change in behavior that shocked more than one viewer of the show. “He tried not to lose face in front of his friends, not to lose that manhood, he will clumsily explain the reasons why he said yes. The problem is, lying or lying to yourself sometimes means taking the risk of doing harm anyway. It’s backing up to jump better, ”explains Jean-Luc Beaumont, doctor of psychology and couples therapist.

Will the experience bring an unexpected twist to this union? The next few weeks will tell.


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