“It’s over”: a figure from El Trece separated after three years in a relationship

Agustina fighter live distressing moments. Is that the panelist of “We in the morning” announced this afternoon that she separated from Carlos Gianella after being in a couple for three years. It should be noted that the figure of The thirteen She had become engaged in January 2019 to former Governor Daniel Scioli’s advisor. Finally, everything seems to indicate that the love within the couple is over. The one in charge of getting the news was Chicken Alvarez, who inadvertently made a subtle comment.

“Spoon out,” said the driver, alluding to the fact that Agustina would spend the rainy weekend that she is coming with her partner. However, before the tense reaction of his partner, Pollo Álvarez tried to lower a change. “No, well, I don’t want to get involved either …”, said the presenter, trying not to embarrass the journalist. Finally, it was Kämpfer who ended up admitting the news: “I’m not going to make a spoon, I have no more with whom,” he said.

“This is the old trick of taking advantage of the clean and jerk: the mine grabbed a ‘spoon’ and said that it had separated. It was more or less like that ”, added the panelist in an ironic tone. Later, the communicator gave more details about what happened: «We made this decision between the two of us, after three beautiful years that have done me very good. But hey, it’s over, “he said, trying not to go into details about his love situation.

«Carlos is a great person, very intelligent intellectually and emotionally. So we are doing our best because there is also Juan, they love each other very much. It is a decision made for the good of individuals. I’m fine, thank you very much for asking, “concluded Agustina, saying that she is in good spirits. The journalist put an end to the relationship after three intense years with Carlos Gianella.

In this context, it is worth remembering that “We in the morning” would undergo changes after the arrival of the new Mariana Fabbiani program in the morning of El Trece. The new cycle of the host would debut between March 15 and 22 from 11 to 13 hours. In this way, the new magazine would be a kind of continuation of “Los Angeles de la Mañana”, a program hosted by Ángel de Brito .

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