It’s so hot that the mercury is broken! “Bright-Win-Dew-Nani” competes for the heroine “Too” through F4 THAILAND

Called as the talk of the town continuously. for the big form series of the year F4 THAILAND : BOYS OVER FLOWERS BOYS OVER FLOWERS from GMMTV After releasing the teaser, we can’t wait to see each other overnight. received a landslide feedback In addition, this event is also preparing to spread the wings of Go Inter on Air in Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and many other countries around the world.

The series tells the story of a young girl with a strong heart and poor status. Studying well until passing the exam at a famous high-so school Her life takes a sudden turn and comes into trouble with the handsome, wealthy and influential leader of the F4. From a normal life, he has to be confused because of being bullied. And it was the beginning of her relationship with him. by having the hottest lead actor team Bright-Wachirawit Chivaaree, Win-Methawin Opas-iamkajorn, Dew-Jirawat Suthivanichsak, Nani-Hirunkrit Changkham Come to play the role of a gang of youngsters, F4, compete for the role of New Jane’s heroine. Tu-tontawan Tantivejkul and an important gathering of skilled actors Cindy-Sirinya Burbridge Bishop, Maria-Lynn Earian, Prem-Chanikan Tangkobdee, Fah-Yongwaree Anilbol, Pompam- Niti Chaichitathorn, Jeab-Watchara Pan-iam, Kik-Mayurin Phongpudphan, Pisamai Wilaisak, June-Wanwimon Janeasawamethee, Milk-Phansa Wassbian, Fort-Nat Wat Jirotthikul etc.

The story of Ko Ya (played by Tu-Ton Tawan), a grade 5 girl who lives a simple, simple life. Her family is poor. Until she had to work at a flower shop with Kaning (played by Prem Chanikan), her close friend. Turf’s life was simple and nothing special. There was only one thing that she had passed the entrance exams to a famous high school. until she became the hope of the family that couldn’t help but But the world of high class students is very artificial and annoying in her eyes. So she decided to live a quiet life. and not as prominent as possible which is a life that is completely different from them

Tham (played by Bright-Wachirawit), Ren (played by Dew-Jirawat), Kawin (played by Win-Methawin), MJ (played by Nani- Hirunkit), a group of seniors in high school, grade 6, known to everyone as F4. They were the four most radiant and influential men in the school, all staring at them. In fact, they secretly set themselves up as thugs in the school. And ready to violently bully everyone who gets in their way through a crazy game called “red carding”, no one can do anything to them. The other students seemed to agree with them as well. It was as if the world was in their hands. And the weed hated this very much.

But then fate leads her to mess with them, including Tham, the leader of the clan, who seems to be interested in her and bullying her heavily. Both with Ren the man was quiet. The private world is high but has a certain charm that makes her fall in love. And in the end, people like you are about to become the center of everything. It was another world that made her realize that teenage life was never easy. And it would be easier If Ren doesn’t fall in love with Mira (played by Fa-Yong Waree), a senior woman who is both beautiful and also in a noble and kind family. completely different from her and if Kaning Do not fall in love with a young woman who sees every woman as a toy. Kawin and will never fall in love with a homely woman like her, and if Tham is not expected from Roslin (played by Cindy-Sirinya), his true mother iron businesswoman, who will never allow Tham’s life out of the box that she had set especially about love But the grass itself gradually returned. His heart was beating fast with Tham without realizing it. Which everyone can follow their love story at 8:30 p.m. starting December 18

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