“It’s the product of two or three years of neglect”

“The year started as it ended…” exclaims with sadness the president of the non-profit organization Les 4 Balzanes, Sandra Godfroid. Indeed, on Monday December 28, the association was called urgently in the region of Sirault, where a cow was dying in the bottom of a meadow for several days. His head in the mud and suffering from hypothermia, the poor beast was living these last moments.

A few days later, they perform an intervention on a pony who suffers from serious health problems because of the many negligence of the owners. “These are two very heavy interventions so it’s not easy. For Julia, the pony, it is all the more serious because to arrive at necrosis of the phalanges, it takes at least 2 to 3 years of neglect ”.

► “The lack of care was such that she was unable to walk », Says Sandra.

► It will take more than a year before the condition of the pony can improve and it will be disabled for life.


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