“It’s time to convince the unvaccinated in a less friendly way”

“Am I Satisfied? Virologists Aren’t Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down Roman Emperors“, a this Marc Van Ranst au cours d’un entretien avec nos confrères de Het Laatste Nieuws.

The virologist from KU Leuven was nevertheless satisfied with the extension of the Covid Safe Ticket in Flanders, one of the measures decided by Codeco on Tuesday. Wearing a mask in stores is also a good thing, he said. “Hope this package of measures will work“said the virologist.

An opinion shared by Steven Van Gucht, which recommends insisting on wearing a mask in addition to the use of the CST. The spokesperson for the fight against the coronavirus in Belgium was also satisfied with the measures taken by Codeco. “I think these are appropriate measures“, a statement Steven Van Gucht sur le plateau de VTM News. “It is sometimes preferable to do an about-face when necessary “, underlined the expert.

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