Iván Lalinde underwent emergency surgery

Iván Lalinde is one of the most recognized presenters in Colombia. Not surprisingly, he has been on the small screen for more than 20 years, being the star of different productions. For example, this year the viewers were able to enjoy his presence in Día a díaCaracol Television magazine.

In addition to that, the famous is also very followed in the networks. Precisely, He had his fans very worried because he had not reappeared. What happened? He told it himself through an Instagram video and revealed that he had to undergo surgery.

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Ivan Lalinde almost died of pain due to kidney stones

“I got lost because I went through the topic of kidney stones. The birth of men. What a hard pod, but I also want to say that we are very, very lazy,” he began by telling and then revealed when his symptoms broke out: “It was perfect. I had exercised, had breakfast, everything normal, until I started to have a little urge to urinate”.

In addition to that, the presenter began to have discomfort in his back, and as the symptoms became more acute, he had to visit the emergency hospital. “I was doped for two days in the clinic for some very strong drugs and I was in surgery, which went perfectly.”

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In the video, in addition to telling what happened, he showed some images of his time in the hospital. And although there were not many, it was more than clear that he went through a bad time. Precisely, In the end, the presenter spoke of valuing health, and also made fun of what was extracted from him, because despite being very small, it caused him a lot of pain. She even showed it in the last seconds:

“That’s why I was away, valuing the health issue a lot. What a tough thing and how lazy we are, because she is a little thing of this size, it is nothing ”.

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