Iván Mejía could not stand Juan Carlos Osorio anymore

Since the possibility was known that coach Juan Carlos Osorio could lead the Colombian National Team without earning a single peso, the renowned journalist has launched strong qualifiers towards himto the point of consider him a “bad person” and “disloyal”.

But there has not been everything, since in the last few hours the veteran communicator replied from your personal Twitter accountin which he has more than 587,000 followers, the trill of a colleague who quoted some statements from Risaraldense about his relationship with the directors of América de Cali.

“The differences that I can have with the owners and directors of @AmericadeCali, are normal, obvious and natural. Toward @tulioagomezDona Miriam and Marcela, I feel admiration and respect, I recognize that at some point I have gone too far”, said Osorio, quoted by the journalist Max Martínez.

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Ivan Mejia nothing was saved against Osorio

This caused the wrath of Valle del Caucawho did not hesitate to reply to the publication and attack the current coach of the “scarlet” team head-on.

“You are an unbearable cheek. The fans hate him, the managers don’t believe him, the players talk shit and only the ass-lickers he has indoctrinated defend him. Understand Osorio, he is not loved or respected around here, ”wrote the retired journalist.

Mejía has been critical of the coach from Risaralda in the past for similar issues, such as when he mentioned the possibility that he could manage in the MLS.

This was the publication with which the communicator exposed his annoyance with the technical director of America, with whom he obviously has no affinity:

In previous days, the largest shareholder of América, Tulio Gómez, in interview with the program ‘Zona Libre de Humo’, spoke about the present of his team and the subject that always provokes controversy: Juan Carlos Osorio.

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Gómez did not like the coach’s words when he He made reference to the fact that America does not have great human material to face the league. In addition, he said that the 60-year-old coach assured the ‘red devil’ popular bars that, if he did not win the title in the middle of the year, he would leave office.

“Professor Osorio told the bars and a journalist that if he wasn’t a champion, he would leave. We have to think about coaching for the next semester”he claimed.

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