During this day the now a candidate for senator for the Ñuble region, Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe, in conversation with Radio Bío Bío, referred to the country situation in the conglomerate to which she belongs, in addition to commenting on her candidacy for Senate for Ñuble and the quota that she will release in the same position but in the Bío region Bío, for which his brother Enrique Van Rysselberghe will compete.

In this sense, the criticisms were not long in coming and came from the UDI itself. Congressman Iván Norambuena, who also has senatorial interests, said that the final decision is made by the national leadership of the party, and called for an end to the SMEs from political families.

As we mentioned previously, the UDI senator will leave the Bío Bío region and seek a senatorial seat in the Ñuble region, where the latest results of the municipal elections they were not favorable for the ruling party. But the senator assured that she was already close to that territory.

As a result, who also hopes to be a senator is Enrique Van Rysselberghe, who, facing the quota that his sister will leave, will seek the seat in the Senate for the Bío Bío region.

Let us remember that the elections are scheduled for the end of this year and in the area they include deputies, senators, and regional councilors, in addition to the presidential.