Iván René Valenciano’s criticism of James Rodríguez for his repeated injuries

The ex-footballer did not keep anything against the steering wheel of Everton.

James Rodríguez and Iván René Valenciano.  Photo: GettyImages / Robbie Jay Barratt / ESPN

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James Rodríguez and Iván René Valenciano. Photo: GettyImages / Robbie Jay Barratt / ESPN

James Rodríguez was again the target of criticism this Monday, when it was known that he was not present at the meeting of his team Everton against Chelsea on the 27th date of the Premier League. The Colombian midfielder has been absent for three consecutive games due to a constant injury he has in his soleus.

“Coleman will be back the next game. Abdoulaye Doucouré will miss the next matches, but James we have to see”, Carlo Ancelotti mentioned at a press conference.

Faced with this new absence of Rodríguez, former footballer Iván René Valenciano spoke on the ESPN channel this Monday and launched strong criticism of the Cucuteño midfielder. “For me, is lying from every point of view, He totally lies ”, he assured, referring to the coach’s version, indicating that he is hiding the real version so that James is not damaged on the issue of sponsors and brands.

“James is more a matter of ‘merchandise’ than of football … Everton invested in an advertising theme more than in a player”, Valenciano asserted, who once again emphasized that something is being hidden. “Ancelotti cannot say that James is going to miss five games because he will surely lose them. sponsors… The medical body surely told Ancelotti that James needs two months to recover. They told him that with the publicity people he should handle the matter ”, he concluded.

Listen to the statement of the former player here.

This is not the first time that Valenciano throws harsh taunts at James Rodríguez before the rumors of a possible exit of the Everton. The ESPN panelist assured: “For me, the elite player has to always compete; if we play against Deportivo Tapita, I play. So right now when they were talking about James leaving … how are you going to go from where your dad is? Not today daddy, today you rest: cotton wool, go put ice, in bed a little massage and tomorrow you play. Where are you going to go where they treat you that way?

Meanwhile, James Rodríguez, has been absent 11 games so far in the 2020/21 season and this factor has been the one that has him in the eye of the hurricane. On the other hand, he has played 18 times in which he has scored five goals. His most recent score was against the visit of the ‘toffee’ to Manchester United.

These are the games he has been absent from.

– November 1, 2020: Newcastle 2-1 Everton, Premier League date 7.

– December 12: Everton 1-0 Chelsea, date 12.

– December 16: Leicester City 0-2 Everton, date 13.

– December 19: Arsenal 1-0 Everton, date 14.

– December 23: Everton 0-2 Manchester United, League Cup quarter-finals.

– December 26: Sheffield United 0-1 Everton, date 15.

– February 3, 2021: Leeds United 1-2, date 22 (he was on the substitute bench).

– February 10: Everton 5-4 Tottenham, FA Cup round of 16.

– March 1: Everton 1-0 Southampton, date 26.

– March 4: West Bromwich Albion 0-1 Everton, date 29.

– March 8: Chelsea 2-0 Everton, date 27.

The reality of the Ancelotti team is somewhat worrying, since they have given points to their most direct rivals, who today have them out of the European positions. Everton is sixth with 46 points, four behind Chelsea, which has the Champions League place.

The next date for the Blues will be this Saturday against Burnley at home. Adding to three, he hopes that his direct rivals (Chelsea and West Ham) do not add to their rivals on duty for the Premier matchday 28, which is practically sentenced by Guardiola’s Manchester City.

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